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Engineer by day, self-taught blog designer by night. It fits his passion well as he is into both Art and Math. It also explains why he is a little introverted.
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24 September 2017

Ayra's 4th Birthday

A few days before her birthday, we surprised the kids with a fun long weekend in Johor Bahru. I invited my best friend and his family to come along as our kids enjoy playing together.

We drove from Shah Alam early Thursday morning to try to be at the gate before the Legoland theme park opened, but only managed to arrive an hour after. Since it rained lightly that morning, the weather for the rest of the day was just nice. The kids had loads of fun going on the rides together.

We spent the next day at the Legoland water park. We were disappointed that the lazy river was closed for renovation. Luckily, the rest of the slides weren't affected. We left the park with tan lines all over.

We've been there before, but the Angry Birds Activity Park got a little less interesting this time around. It also felt a bit small, but that's probably because there were a lot of people. It was a Saturday after all. We left the park at around 4 and headed for Puteri Harbour Marina for some fresh air.

On the last day, after breakfast, Ayra unwrapped her birthday presents (with the help of her brother, as always) and we had cakes. It was simple, just the way we liked it.

Before hitting the highway for home, we stopped by at JPO for a bit of shopping. We left JPO at around 7 and arrived home close to midnight. We experienced a near-death moment during the drive, but that's another entry.

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15 September 2017

Ayra's 4th Birthday: School Edition

It was Ayra's first birthday party at school with all her classmates. We decided to have it earlier because we already had a short trip planned during her birthday weekend.

Ayra requested for a Shimmer and Shine cake and that's exactly what she got. She liked it. For her, it was beautiful. Disappointingly, for us the cake was not great. The look and taste were way below expectations. We could've gotten a premium cake for the price we paid!

Shimmer and Shine isn't big in Malaysia. So, you can imagine how hard it was to find matching party packs. We settled for My Little Pony (another one of Ayra's favorite cartoons) for the girls and Pokemon for the boys; We arranged stationery, stickers, activity books and snacks neatly inside a zipped folder and tied a cute birthday tag to the zip.

Ayra's classmates were very friendly, especially the girls. They were very chatty and liked hugging very much.

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27 May 2017

Fasting for the First Time

Ramadhan Mubarak, everyone!

How was your first day of Ramadhan? Mine was excellent as it marked the day my first-born fasted for the first time. He woke up for sahoor, performed his five times solah for the day, and went to the masjid for Taraweeh.

Yes, he is a big kid now. How time flies.

The best part of the day was seeing him took that first sip of water during iftar. It is true what the Prophet (peace be upon him) says in his hadith:

“The fasting person has two occasions for joy…”

And today, I saw in my son's eyes the first occasion of joy the Prophet (peace be upon him) describes. Subhanallah.

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17 May 2017

Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun

Daanish is half-way through his Year 1 mid-year examination. So far, he's done with 9 papers and there are 4 more coming within the next 2 days. The examination covers 7 subjects and includes everything they've learned since the beginning of the year.

We've been going through all the materials for the exams with him and honestly, they're nothing like what you and I experienced in the early 90's. They are tough!

I know for certain that my son will sail through this rather tough week, but not without a little extra efforts from him and a little push from us.

"How were the tests, Abang?"
"Okay", he answered.
"Do you think you can get 100?"
"Yes!" replied confidently.

Well, I guess he'll do just fine, in shaa Allah.

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14 May 2017

Ayra Cycles

I complained in a post about how Ayra refused to cycle even after we entertained her request for a new bicycle.

Well, I am happy to report that today, Ayra finally cycles all by herself! It is definitely a day to remember and marks a significant milestone in her life.

Good job, princess! We are so proud of you.

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12 May 2017

Love, Ayra

When we came home from work today, Ayra presented a Mother's Day gift she handmade at school for my wife. She followed the exact instruction her teacher gave. She said:

You hug, kiss and give the flower. Happy Mother's Day!

It was the most adorable thing!

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08 May 2017

We Love Staycation!

Last weekend, for Mother's Day we decided to have a staycation at our favorite hotel in KL. It's a good thing my dad works for Starwood because paying for a two-night stay at Le Méridien wouldn't be such an easy decision to make if we're there "just for the fun of it".

Daanish had been begging for us to take him to see the marine animals because he's been reading so much about them lately. So, that Saturday morning, we took the train to Ampang Park, walked to le Petit Dotty's for a quick breakfast, and then straight to Aquaria KLCC. We were their first visitors for that day.

Aquaria has had a few improvements from the last time we visited. We were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Sharks, turtles, giant octopus, stingrays, eels, isopod, piranhas; It felt like we were in Daanish's books!

We then hurried back to the hotel [because we were afraid it was gonna rain] for some fun times at the pool. We ended up spending almost 3 whole hours there and only got out of the water when our tummies started growling. It is so convenient that Nu Sentral is just next door. And that's how we got hooked on 4Fingers chicken.

The next morning, before we checked-out, we took another dip (more like a splash, really) in the pool. It's slowly becoming a ritual every time we stay at a hotel. So is asking for a late check-out.

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