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Irwan started blogging at the age of 21 and is a self-taught blog designer. He is an engineer by day and a full-time husband and father by night.

This blog is about how he spends his days with the people he loves. One day, when his children are old enough, he'd like to show it to them and reminisce.
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May 27, 2017
May 27, 2017
27 May

Fasting for the First Time

Ramadhan Mubarak, everyone!

How was your first day of Ramadhan? Mine was excellent as it marked the day my first-born fasted for the first time. He woke up for sahoor, performed his five times solah for the day, and went to the masjid for Taraweeh.

Yes, he is a big kid now. How time flies.

The best part of the day was seeing him took that first sip of water during iftar. It is true what the Prophet (peace be upon him) says in his hadith:

“The fasting person has two occasions for joy…”

And today, I saw in my son's eyes the first occasion of joy the Prophet (peace be upon him) describes. Subhanallah.
May 17, 2017
May 17, 2017
17 May

Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun

Daanish is half-way through his Year 1 mid-year examination. So far, he's done with 9 papers and there are 4 more coming within the next 2 days. The examination covers 7 subjects and includes everything they've learned since the beginning of the year.

We've been going through all the materials for the exams with him and honestly, they're nothing like what you and I experienced in the early 90's. They are tough!

I know for certain that my son will sail through this rather tough week, but not without a little extra efforts from him and a little push from us.

"How were the tests, Abang?"
"Okay", he answered.
"Do you think you can get 100?"
"Yes!" replied confidently.

Well, I guess he'll do just fine, in shaa Allah.
May 14, 2017
May 14, 2017
14 May

Ayra Cycles

I complained in a post about how Ayra refused to cycle even after we entertained her request for a new bicycle.

Well, I am happy to report that today, Ayra finally cycles all by herself! It is definitely a day to remember and marks a significant milestone in her life.

Good job, princess! We are so proud of you.
May 12, 2017
May 12, 2017
12 May

Love, Ayra

When we came home from work today, Ayra presented a Mother's Day gift she handmade at school for my wife. She followed the exact instruction her teacher gave. She said:

You hug, kiss and give the flower. Happy Mother's Day!

It was the most adorable thing!
May 8, 2017
May 8, 2017
08 May

We Love Staycation!

Last weekend, for Mother's Day we decided to have a staycation at our favorite hotel in KL. It's a good thing my dad works for Starwood because paying for a two-night stay at Le Méridien wouldn't be such an easy decision to make if we're there "just for the fun of it".

Daanish had been begging for us to take him to see the marine animals because he's been reading so much about them lately. So, that Saturday morning, we took the train to Ampang Park, walked to le Petit Dotty's for a quick breakfast, and then straight to Aquaria KLCC. We were their first visitors for that day.

Aquaria has had a few improvements from the last time we visited. We were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Sharks, turtles, giant octopus, stingrays, eels, isopod, piranhas; It felt like we were in Daanish's books!

We then hurried back to the hotel [because we were afraid it was gonna rain] for some fun times at the pool. We ended up spending almost 3 whole hours there and only got out of the water when our tummies started growling. It is so convenient that Nu Sentral is just next door. And that's how we got hooked on 4Fingers chicken.

The next morning, before we checked-out, we took another dip (more like a splash, really) in the pool. It's slowly becoming a ritual every time we stay at a hotel. So is asking for a late check-out.
Apr 14, 2017
Apr 14, 2017
14 April

Redang Island

It only took 3 weeks to plan our family island vacation. And we picked Redang.

We drove for 5 hours from KL and stayed a night at one of the closest hotels to Shahbandar Jetty. The next morning, we had a quick breakfast at the coffee house. The only thing worth eating was the Nasi Dagang. Read my short review of the hotel on TripAdvisor here.

By 9 AM, we were already on board the ferry and I noticed that it was almost full. Shocking, given that it was only a week after the school break ended. Two hours later, we set foot on the beach, admiring the beautiful setting before our very eyes. It was breathtaking and the air was so fresh!

Given the kind of price we were paying, we weren't expecting much from the resort. It was just alright, but the location was perfect; Against a rocky hill at the end of the beach, slightly elevated, overlooking the open sea. Our room had the best view.

After lunch, we collected our gears, and were all set for our first snorkeling experience. We took a 20-minute boat ride with the other guests and arrived at our first snorkeling spot. Daanish did not need any supervision at all and were very comfortable swimming by himself. Ayra and Aunty had to hang on to a tube, while the wife was a little seasick from the boat ride and had a problem with her snorkel. I was busy taking pictures underwater.

It was a whole different world down there!

The following morning, we were snorkeling at the Marine Park. We were on the jetty and about to leave when people yelled, "Shark! Shark!" We looked down and there it was, a whale shark. I jumped back into the sea [while others stayed behind]. It was a very cool experience to get to swim and touch a whale shark. It was huge, yet gentle. It did not mind the rowdy crowd around it.

That afternoon, we went back into the open sea for our final snorkeling trip. Daanish made a friend his age and they instantly clicked. Before dinner, he hanged by the beach. The kids had loads of fun. We had to take showers in a different room that evening because the water supply couldn't reach our room as its pressure wasn't enough.

Overall, it was a wonderful vacation and a lovely experience. We'd do it again, but probably at a five-star resort this time, just because we like taking showers in our own room.
Mar 26, 2017
Mar 26, 2017
26 March

Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary Melaka

Today is the last day of school holiday, but Melaka is still packed with humans. We were in town yesterday afternoon, wanted to find out what the big deal was with Jonker 88's cendol. We ended up driving home disappointed after spending 40 useless minutes trying to find a single parking spot.

We didn't want the kids to spend their weekend indoors, but going into town was going to be a suicide.

I recalled how fun the Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary was when we first went there back in August 2015. So, this morning, we decided to go again.

As usual, our Little Animal Lover, Daanish loved it. He still remembered everything he saw the last time we were there and was excited to see the new arachnid section. We (just the boys) also finally conjured enough courage to enter the open cage, where snakes roam freely over our heads.

Our Little Drama Queen behaved the complete opposite; She wanted to go home the moment we stepped into the park. She was scared of the caged crocodiles and snakes and wanted to be carried the whole time.
The Author

Irwan started blogging at the age of 21, when he was still in the States finishing his degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2006, he returned to his hometown to work in the oil and gas industry.

He married his college sweetheart in 2010 and they were blessed with two beautiful children. They now live in a suburb in their cosy little house.

Irwan is a self-taught blog designer. It fits his passion well as he is into both Art and Math. It also explains why he is a little introverted. He is an engineer by day and a full-time husband and father by night.

This blog is about how he spends his days with the people he loves. One day, when his children are old enough, he'd like to show it to them and reminisce.

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